Monday, March 30, 2009

Article: Triathlons can pose deadly heart risks

Article found on Yahoo today:

Last week

Last week was a little rough for some reason. I only got 1 run, 2 swims, 1 spin class and a slow bike ride on the bike path. I am sure for some that would be enough for the week, but not for me. I felt a little burnt out by Wednesday and just needed some time to recover. This week I will jump back into my normal schedule.

Over the weekend I took my son to Battleship Cove in Fall River Massachusetts. We had a great time! It brings back memories of when I was in the Navy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tempo Tuesdays and Other Stuff

Went out for my tempo run today. After last weeks Tempo run I decided to step it up a little and make it at 3 mile tempo run with a mile warm up and a mile cool down for a total of 5 miles. Here is the break down:

M1 warmup - 10:01
M2 tempo - 9:10
M3 tempo - 8:58
M4 tempo - 8:54
M5 cooldown- 9:48

5 miles - 46:53
Average pace - 9:22

Great run! Felt really good throughout the tempo. I Will keep the 5 miles for a while and then push up to 6 miles.

Today I plan on jumping on the bike during lunch time and hit the pool tonight.

Oh I did a long run on Saturday - 7 miles - 67mins, average pace - 9:37. That was a great run and as always my last mile was the fastest at 9:17.

Monday I did a spin class with Joe...and it kicked my butt!!!! 19miles in 45 mins then at the end she had us do situps and pushups with the ball...crazy workout but it was great! I might have to take that class every week!! Thanks Joe!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday = Track Day

Went to the URI Track today with Justin, Mark, Drew and Anthony. Planned to do another 4 x 400. Here is the break down:

4 x 400 with 400 recovery pace

Mile 1 warmup - 9:35
1st - 1:58.59
recover - 2:17
2nd - 1:59.85
recover - 2:24
3rd - 1:57.96
recover - 2:21
4th - 1:50.81
recover - 2:37
Last mile - 9:04

The last mile was my cool down, but there was no cool down started pouring I think during the 1st recovery run. Still stuck it out and got it done!

Depending on the weather I will either go to the Y and swim or jump on the bike during lunch!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tempo Tuesdays

Went out for a Tempo run on Tuesday. Still trying to get a steady pace down. I know when I am running a 10min mile pace...but anything below that is guess work as you will see.

4 mile tempo run:

Mile 1, Warmup - 9:56
Mile 2, Tempo - 9:26
Mile 3, Tempo - 9:13
Mile 4, Cool Down - 9:37

Total 4 miles - 38:14

A little fast for my cool down, but it was a comfortable pace. I think my tempo runs should be alittle faster, probably around 9:10 to 9:00. But McMillan Running has my tempo between 9:40 and 9:20.

Today I will be hitting the bike path again...but not running, on my bike! Tonight I will be at the Y for my swim workout.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Long run

Went out for a 7 mile run today! The weather was great and the run was even better! Great way to start off the upcoming week!

Wakefield 7 miler:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday = Track Day

Hit the URI track today with Mark, Drew, Justin and Anthony. Here is the break down:

Track Work
4X400 @ 2:00min per 400

1.25 mile warmup - 10:03mins

Lap1 - 2:02.96min
recovery - 2:34min

Lap2 - 2:02min
recovery - 2:48min

Lap3 - 2:00.10min
recovery - 2:38min

Lap4 - 2:00.04min

1 mile cool down - 9:52mins

Great workout!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tonight's Swim

Went to the Y for my swim with Joe and it was great! I hit an unofficial best with a 46sec 50m swim! My previous best was 55secs for 50m. I also did 100m in 1min 50 secs, another best! Tonight's swim definitely has given me confidence for a great swim training season and adds another brick to what could be a great triathlon season.

Tuesday - Tempo run

Week 2

Alright week 2 of training begins! This whole changing hour thing really stinks...but I'll get use to it. This week I have 3 runs, 2 swims and 3 bike rides (probably on the trainer). Last week was great...except for being sick on Monday and Tuesday, but it felt really good getting back in the pool!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now Starts the real Training

So this week starts my Tri training for the 09 season. Jumped on the bike the other night and got in 30 mins while watching the Biggest Loser (very good show to watch while on the trainer!) 850 meters in the pool last night and a 4.5 mile run yesterday afternoon! I had a swim and run scheduled for Monday but the snow and sickness kept me from completing that days activities. Today I am heading over to the hill for some repeats. Its 1.87 miles to the hill, 4 repeats on the hill, and then 1.87 miles back. makes for a nice training run.
I am going to try and post more often since I am in full training mode now. My entries will be short and sweet.

100 Acre Pond Hill Repeats

Happy Thursday!