Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crabman Sprint Tri

Crabman Sprint Triathlon
Shawn Murdock  
Total: 1:33:28   AG 31/32   .25 mile swim:  10:15 T1:  4:13  12.5 mile bike:  36:22  T2:  1:27   3.2 mile run: 41:11
Great race!  Even with the rain!  Congrats to Kathy and her crew for putting on a great race!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Good luck to all of those people running the Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler in Narragansett, RI tonight. Also, Good luck to all of those AWESOME Triathletes who will be doing Ironman Lake Placid on Sunday.

The Crabman Sprint Triathlon, Sunday July 26th, Matunuck, Rhode Island at the South Kingstown town Beach. I am really excited to be apart of this inagural event. Good luck to all of those participating and wish the best for Kathy and her crew who will be going over the top to hold a great event.

Its kinda hard to post my goals for this race. Since last year I was really looking forward to killing this race. But as we all know my knee had other plans. Today's MRI indicated that my knee is healing slowly so I have decided to just walk the run portion of the race. So here are my goals for the race:

Swim: 7mins 30 secs
T1: 4 mins (transition is pretty far from the beach)
Bike: 45 mins
T2: 1 min 30 secs
Run (Walk) 50 mins

I will post results on Sunday!


Saturday, July 18, 2009

OWS at Narragansett Beach

7:00 OWS at Narragansett beach was awesome! A bunch of us who will be doing the Crabman Sprint Triathlon next Sunday was there. When I arrived at the beach I was surprised to see Kathy who had my race packet for me! Thanks Kathy!!!!! I am wearing my hat right now! It was a little foggy so we kept the swim short. What a difference swimming with the waves and current. I had to sight every 5 or 6th stroke! Up next is the last Crabman clinic on Tuesday. We will be able to swim the course and get some transition tips from the coach. I plan on taking my bike with me so hopefully there will be time to get a quick bike ride around the course.
Enjoy the Weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Bike Ride Today

2 weeks to go before my final full triathlon. Recently I haven't really been motivated to train or pretty much do anything since I found out I couldn't run anymore. That really brought me down. It effected me more then I thought it did. Think about it, you train all winter and Spring, get really excited about the upcoming season and then your told you can't run anymore. It just sucks.

So for the past month or so I probably did 2 bike rides and maybe 2 swims. I have actually gained 12 pounds since I have stopped running which is not good. This past weekend my family and I took a mini vacation to my wife's uncle's Lake house in New Jersey. On the way home while everyone was sleeping I had a lot of time to think about the past few months and how everything seemed to just go down hill. I thought about how I would never be able to complete another 5k or my dream in becoming an IRONMAN. Then it was like a ton of bricks hit me. I thought to myself...STOP!!! Stop complaining and whining about what I can't do anymore and focus on what I can do, which is Swim, Bike and compete in Relay events! I am not totally out of the game. I can still enjoy the atmosphere or the race, crossing the finish line of an aquabike event! So today I went for a 13.79 mile bike ride today and to control my weight I joined Weight Watchers. I think it was my weight that was the cause of my left knee injury, so my goal to lose 40lbs has started. I feel that I need to lose the weight so my injury can heal.

Wish me luck everyone!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Crabman OWS Clinic!

Went down to Burlingame state park last night and did the Crabman OWS clinic. There were about 25 of us. Kieth started with swim safety and basic swimming techniques and then we put our wetsuits on and jumped in. We did 2 mock starts and just swam around for awhile. I would say total meters equaled around 500. It was a great event! Thanks to Coach Kieth and Kathy for the clinic.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crabman Bike Clinic...Just What I Needed

For the past few days I have had no energy or the drive to do anything. Not being able to run has really brought me down over the past few weeks. I was so looking forward to a great Tri season this year and to not be able to go all out and race, just kills me. So last nights Clinic for the Crabman was exactly what I needed to jump start myself.

I meet Kathy Robbins from TRIMOM Productions who is the race organizer. There was about 12 people there with different experiences. The range went from first timers to IRONMAN finishers. Kieth Ballard started the night off with some USAT rules on Triathlon, then went on to talk about nutrition and basic bike safety. Then we jumped on the bike and headed out for a loop around the bike course. Kieth went around and chatted with everyone, checking bike form and giving words of advice. I was up front and chatted with him briefly then he said I could go at my own pace. So 3 of us took off and stopped at the first turn. From then on we just cruised until mile 3 when Kieth just told us to go at our own pace and head back to the beach. At this point I hammered it. I wanted to feel the burn. I needed to feel the burn and once I got back to the beach I was smiling. That was awesome! Next week is the swim clinic. Can't wait for that one!