Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yesterday's Run

Went out with Mark, Justin and Drew for a short 3 mile run yesterday on the bike path. Those 3 are tapering for their respective races coming up this weekend so I knew they would be running kinda slow. I was thinking of only going 2 miles, but I told myself if my right shin feels good I will do 3.

Total: 3.1 miles
28:44 min

The whole run felt great! And as of this morning it still feels great!

I signed up for the Cox Road Races 5K in Providence this weekend. I plan on just going out there and having fun and not going for a PR. The company I work for is paying for anyone who wants to run it...Which is awesome!

Bike ride today!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its Official

I finally signed up for one of the Triathlons I will be doing this year.... The Crabman Sprint Tri. I am really excited for this one. I am still up in the air about signing up for the Mystic Sprint Tri. It depends how fast I can recover from this right shin injury and get myself back to normal running by mid May. I did a 2 mile run yesterday with no pain...but I also only ran around a 10 min mile pace. I really wanted to go faster and longer! But I knew I needed to keep it slow and steady. I might go for another 2 mile run tomorrow. Also last night I did the Monday Spin and Swim! That spin class really kicks my butt and to jump in the pool and swim 1300 meters just makes for a good training session. Wish me luck on my run tomorrow!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mile Run

I went for a run at lunch time yesterday to test out my right shin. I felt a little tightness but no pain. I will have to say I didn't expect to feel pain since it never hurt that bad to begin with. It always just felt like a bruise or something. Anyways, I did a mile and was pretty happy on how it felt. I actually did the mile in 9:34, a little faster then I wanted to, but I didn't once look at my Garmin to check out my pace. I am going for another short run on Saturday.

Friday I hope to get a nice bike ride in. The weather is going to be beautiful!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update and Stuff

Well hopefully I will get a chance to test out my shin and do a short run at lunch time. It doesn't hurt at all while I am walking, only if I touch it and that isn't to bad either. So wish me luck!

On the brighter side, my swimming and biking is coming along great. This extra time I have had to focus on those 2 sports has really made a difference. I just can't wait to get some open water swims in soon. Laps in the pool is getting old. I have been riding my mountain bike for the past few weeks so beginning next week I will start using my road bike. I am waiting on a few things from the bike shop to come in.

Anyways....Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hornet Juice: "A powdered sports drink containing 17 amino acids that you mix with water or your favorite electrolyte drink, which you take before, during and after exercise, to give you increased energy, endurance and improved recovery time."

I have tried this stuff and man it ROCKS!

thetrirunner is holding a giveaway for the Juice! Check it out!

Hornet Juice

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bike Path Ride

Went for a nice ride on the bike path today. There were tons of people running, walking and riding! I took my camera along and snapped some pics:Saw some turtles enjoying the nice warm sun!

I also ran into Mark and Drew:

13.5 miles total for me. I really need to improve my the bike! This time off from running will give me a chance to get my butt in gear and jump on the bike some more! No word from the Doctor yet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good News or Bad News

I am waiting for the Doctor to give me a call. Either he will tell me I have a stress fracture in my right Tibia or don't. I can actually say thinking about this injury for the past few days is keeping me up at night. I will be extremely upset with myself if it is a stress fracture. It would be totally my fault. I strayed away from my training plan and increased my running distance to fast (or at least I think I did). Reading online about other who have had a stress fracture talk about intense pain....well I don't have intense pain. I am just really hoping it is not a fracture. I can deal with shin splints or just anything but a fracture!!!!!
So I guess we will wait until tomorrow to find out. Actually, I hope they can see something because I have been reading that the initial xray normally does not show a fracture....ahhhhhh this is driving me crazy!!!!!

On a brighter note, I did 1500 meters in the pool tonight and I am looking forward to tomorrow's bike ride at lunch!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Long Run and Monday Swim

AFter Easter dinner I went for my weekend long run. First 10 miler ever!

1 hr 39min

M1 - 9:47
M2 - 10:00
M3 - 9:35
M4 - 9:53
M5 - 10:01
M6 - 9:53
M7 - 10:08
M8 - 10:14
M9 - 9:46
M10 - 9:37

I felt fine the whole run. I had to keep slowing myself down. After the run I thought to myself I could have gone another 5K but would probably walk run the rest of the way. I guess that would be fine with me. Just to finish a half marathon is a great accomplishment! I am still deciding if I want to do the Half or not.

Oh and last night I did 1300 meters in the pool.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday = Track Day and Other Stuff

The guys ran to the URI track today (except for Justin..pffft). It was my first time doing 800s. Here is the break down:

3 x 800 goal pace was @ 4:05 with a 400 recovery
800 - 4:02
400 - 2:26
800 - 4:07
400 - 2:28
800 - 4:05
400 - 2:28

After I was done with my 800s I had some time to kill waiting for the others to finish up so I added another mile to my mileage on the track. Then the run back to work was great. I felt really good.

7 miles
1 hr 5 mins 50 secs

Recently I have been really happy with my running. All my run training is really paying off. I am a little concerned that I might be extending my runs a little longer then they need to be since I am not really training for distance at the moment. Weekend long runs of 7 and 9 miles seems a bit much. But after last weekend's 9 miler, I feel I could train and get myself ready to at least finish a half marathon. The thought has crossed my mind a lot this week. The only thing I am concerned with is injuring myself going to far to fast. I am going to give it another week and also see how Saturday's 9 mile run goes. If I decide to run the half marathon in May, my goal will be to finish, nothing more. Any thoughts?


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's Bike Ride

Ride on the Bike Path

12 miles
Average - 14.2 (slow!)
Some of the slower times are due to the strong winds...but I still need a lot of work on the bike!

M1 - 4:38
M2 - 3:57
M3 - 4:01
M4 - 4:05
M5 - 3:37
M6 - 5:40
M7 - 4:43
M8 - 3:47
M9 - 3:43
M10 - 3:50
M11 - 4:27
M12 - 4:11

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday Long run

Finally went and did my run to the beach! using Mapmyrun it was 8.55 miles, but I found that to be a little off.

9.38 miles
1hr 31min 51sec
9:47 pace

M1 - 9:28
M2 - 9:48
M3 - 9:32
M4 - 9:41
M5 - 9:57
M6 - 9:31
M7 - 10:02 (started to feel the burn!)
M8 - 10:06
M9 - 10:07
M.38 - 3:36

I would be lying if I told you it didn't hurt after mile 7. My legs are a little sore today.
I will not do spin class tonight, probably just swim.

Happy Opening Day!